Authentic Saint Thomas de Cônac

During your stay at the Camping de l'Estuaire ****, take the opportunity to visit the nearby traditional village of Saint Thomas de Cônac !

Overlooking the Gironde Estuary facing the Médoc, the municipality of Saint Thomas de Cônac is shaped by rolling landscapes, hillside vineyards, marshes with a flourishing natural environment and dense forests (La Rounière wood and Gendreau wood).

Located on the Côte Sauvage, Saint Thomas de Cônac has remained in its natural state and therefore no beaches have been created.

Boasting a rich natural heritage, half the territory of Saint Thomas de Cônac enjoys protected natural areas certified as having great heritage value by Natura 2000. Discover the wines of the municipality, made in the Cognac-making area, which are classified as "Fins bois" vintages. You can also visit the village to discover the other flavors of the region at the local markets, and why not enjoy a horse ride at the village’s equestrian center ?