Lacanau, the surfers’ favourite

Originally a small Gaulish hamlet, Lacanau is now a seaside resort with many attractions. Indeed, Lacanau features an impressive lake where peace and nature reign supreme. Come and enjoy a short retreat in the heart of the wilderness or enjoy the water center offering a variety of activities. Le Moutchic is the largest beach of Lacanau lake, where you can enjoy a swim or share a picnic in the shade of the trees. Then continue your journey to discover a magnificent cul-de-sac lined by large villas protected from the heat of the Atlantic Coast by the shade of the pine trees, and overlooking a charming little harbor: you’re in Talaris Marina!

Yet Lacanau is also undoubtedly an ocean-oriented town! In 1906, the first villas appeared at the edge of the dunes. Since then, Lacanau Ocean has continued to grow and attract visitors in increasing numbers thanks to its 16 km of beaches. Bathers who used to come in on the "pleasure trains" to brave the waves have since given way to surfers, and the spot is now known worldwide, thanks to the "Lacanau Pro" competition in particular.

With 100,000 visitors during the summer season, Lacanau is the number one seaside resort in Gironde.

80 km away from the Camping de l'Estuaire ****, a trip to Lacanau is a must while on holiday in Gironde !